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High Sensitivity DNA Analysis

Analysis of fragmented DNA or DNA libraries.

  • Increased sensitivity - down to 5 pg/µL

  • Analysis of complex DNA samples - down to 100 pg/µL for fragmented DNA or DNA libraries

  • Broad linear dynamic range - detection of less abundant PCR products

  • Smear analysis - specify size range of interest

  • Quantitation accuracy and reproducibility - quantitation of each DNA fragment against internal standards

  • Minimal sample consumption - only 1 µL of sample required


Agilent 6000 Nano

Quantitation & Integrity Analysis of total RNA or mRNA

  • RNA Integrity Number (RIN) – to compare integrity of total RNA samples

  •  Maximum flexibility – check total RNA, mRNA, or cRNA quality

  • Visualization of rRNA impurities in mRNA samples

  • High sensitivity RNA analysis, e.g. samples derived from microdissection

Small RNA Analysis

The Agilent Small RNA analysis provides a fast and sensitive analysis to resolve small nucleic acids in the size range of 6 to 150 nt.

  • High resolution – miRNA smear region separated from tRNA

  • Minimal sample consumption – use as little as 50 pg of purified miRNA
    or 10 ng of total RNA for analysis in 1 μL volume

  • A faster and more sensitive alternative to agarose and polyacrylamide
    gels analysis for detection of small RNA

  • Analyze total RNA (10-100 ng/μL), fractionated, or synthetic samples.


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