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Dr. Kuan Chee Sian, Managing Director

Dr Kuan is the founder and Managing Director of NeoGenix Laboratoire Sdn Bhd and NeoGenix Evo Sdn Bhd. He is also medical advisor of The Malaysian Cancer Foundation. He has in-depth experience in business management, laboratory set-ups as well as R&D in life sciences. He has written 30 international medical sciences articles. He actively collaborates with pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries to evaluate for more than 30 molecular diagnostic assays and develop an Integrated Fungal Genome Database and Taxonomic Engine. He lead NeoGenix Laboratoire Sdn. Bhd. to get the "Excellent Lab Analysis" award by National Consumer Action Council in 2019.

Academic / Professional and Other Qualifications

Ph.D. (Molecular celular and biology), Universiti Sains Malaysia. 2010/14

Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) (Biomedicine), Universiti Sains Malaysia). 2010/14

Publications of Professional Journals

  1. Kuan CS, Cham CY, Gurmit S, Yew SM, Tan YC, Chong PS, Toh YF, Na SL, Hoh CC, Wai-Yan Yee WY, Ng KP. (2016) Genomic analyses of Cladophialophora bantiana, a major cause of cerebral phaeohyphomycosis human pathogen provides insight into its lifestyle, virulence and adaption in host. PLoS One. 11(8):e0161008 (Tier 1)

  2. Yew SM, Chan CL, Ngeow YF, Toh YF, Na SL, Lee KW, Hoh CC, Wai-Yan Yee WY, Ng KP, Kuan CS (Corresponding author). (2016) Genomics characterisation of Cladosporium sphaerospermum, a common human allergy-eliciting Dothideomycetes fungus. Nature Scientific Report. (Tier 1)

  3. Toh YF, Yew SM, Chan CL, Na SL, Lee KW, Hoh CC, Wai-Yan Yee WY, Ng KP, Kuan CS (Corresponding author). (2016) Genome Anatomy of Pyrenochaeta unguis-hominis UM 256, a Multidrug Resistant Strain Isolated from Skin Scraping. PLoS One. 11(9):e0162095 (Tier 1)

Joveen Neoh, Operation Director

Joveen is responsible to review overall operations which has been geared for growth rather than efficiency and productivity. She has many years’ experience in Malaria diagnostic & examination studies. Joveen also has more than 5 years’ experience of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray in genetic and genomics research. She is the one who involved in the entire start up and overall management of R&D department and actively collaborates with both private and government sectors. As a Quality Manager, she led in successful implementation of ISO 15189 accreditation with Standards Malaysia.

Academic / Professional and Other Qualifications

1. Lau Tiek Ying & Joveen Neoh Wan Fen. 2012. Molecular Epidemiology of Malaria In The Interior Division of Sabah: Comparison of microscopic examination and nested PCR detection of human malaria parasites. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing.

2. Wan Fen Joveen-Neoh, Ka Lung Chong, Clemente Michael Vui Ling Wong, and Tiek Ying Lau, “Incidence of Malaria in the Interior Division of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, Based on Nested PCR,” Journal of Parasitology Research, vol. 2011, Article ID 104284, 6 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/104284

3. Tiek Ying Lau, Wan.Fen.Joveen-Neoh, and Ka.Lung.Chong, "High Incidence of Plasmodium knowlesi Infection in the Interior Division of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo ," International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 163-167, 2011.

4. Neoh, J.W.F., Chong, K.L. & Lau, T.Y. Molecular detection of human malaria parasites in the interior division of Sabah. Proceedings of Symposium of Biotechnology IV 1-4th Dec 2010, UMS. (PROCEEDING) 

5. Joveen-Neoh, W.F., Chong, K.L., Wong, C.M.V.L. & Lau, T.Y. Nucleotide polymorphisms of P.knowlesi isolates in the interior division of Sabah based on ssrRNA gene. Proceedings of 9th Malaysia Genetic Congress 28-30th Sept 2011, Kuching. (PROCEEDING)

Dr. Yew Su Mei, Laboratory Manager

Dr Yew is the Head of Department in Molecular Diagnostic Department. She managed the construction and commissioning of NeoGenix main lab in 2016 and implement an automation system for COVID-19 testing. She was instrumental in building up the current team and executing the rollout of infrastructure and building out the processes and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Her focus was on fungal genomics and infectious diseases surveillance studies and published 22 international articles. Her effort enabled a service level that ensured the sales & marketing team was able to effectively ramp up revenue so that the start-up was EBITDA positive.

Academic / Professional and Other Qualifications

MSc in Forensic Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), 2010

BSc (Hons) in Microbiology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 2009 

Publications of Professional Journals

  1. Yew, S. M., Chan, C. L., Ngeow, Y. F., Toh, Y. F., Na, S. L., Lee, K. W. … Kuan, C. S. (2016). Insight into different environmental niches adaptation and allergenicity from the Cladosporium sphaerospermum genome, a common human allergy-eliciting Dothideomycetes. Scientific Reports, 6, 27008.

  2. Yew, S. M., Chan, C. L., Kuan, C. S., Toh, Y. F., Ngeow, Y. F., Na, S. L., … Ng, K. P. (2016). The genome of newly classified Ochroconis mirabilis: Insights into fungal adaptation to different living conditions. BMC Genomics, 17(1), 91.

  3. Yew, S. M., Chan, C. L., Lee, K. W., Na, S. L., Tan, R., Hoh, C.-C., … Ng, K. P. (2014). A Five-Year Survey of Dematiaceous Fungi in a Tropical Hospital Reveals Potential Opportunistic Species. PLoS ONE, 9(8), e104352.

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